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Microsoft Partner of the Year Award
Global Sourcing Awards 2018 Finalist
Gold Winner of 2019 Horizon Awards
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Global Sourcing Awards 2018 Finalist



About Our Company

A Smarter Solution For Your Business

DataSciencx is a self-funded start-up. We are prepared to invest our own money risk-free for the case study business participants to prove that our software is an industry disruptor.

DataSciencx is the only Applied Big Data Marketing Company that invests its own company money to scale and grow small to medium-sized companies.

DataSciencx mission is to uses real-time Visa, Mastercard, and American Express payment transactions with omni-channel online machine-learning algorithms to predict and convert prospects into buyers.

How Much Will DataSciencx
Invest in My Business?

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The Process

How It Works

We Analyze all Your Warehoused Data

  • Website Traffic
  • Sales Transactions
  • Social Media
  • POS Databases
  • Online Orders
  • Consumer Review Networks

Choose Your Software Development Service by Category

  • FAST: We create the marketing content for you, we know how to create content that converts lookers into buyers. Your competitors move fast. Your consumer moves faster. How long can your brand wait for consumer insights?
  • COMPREHENSIVE: Tired of reconciling data sources to guess who might be your perfect prospect? Get the full view with one source.
  • 360° PURCHASE BEHAVIOR: Insights along every step of the shopper's path to purchase.
  • PSYCHOGRAPHICS & DEMOGRAPHICS: Know shoppers at a deeper level with data on attitudes, interests, and opinions.
  • ONLINE & OFFLINE: Analyze brick & mortar and ecommerce purchase behavior in one place.
  • BEHAVIORS & OPINIONS: Understand the why behind the buy with verified purchase-triggered


Storytelling is at the core of who we are and we believe good stories must be told. Whether you’re uncomfortable talking about yourself or your business, or if you’re looking for the perfect way to share how special your business or organization is, we’d like to help you tell your story.

  • Email Design
  • Video Production
  • Content Creating


Custom logos, packaging design, business cards, email templates, marketing materials, and much more, our team of designers are experts in making our clients look good.

  • Graphic Design
  • Photography
  • Print Design

Make Money. Save Time.

Get More Customers

Growing your online reputation for your brick and mortar or web business is the best form of advertising

Know Your Customers Better

Get a pre-loaded list of all of your customers – including spend history, name, and contact information – that automatically updates with every transaction.

Increase Loyalty

Repeat customers are the driving force of local business. Turn on DataSciencx’s’s set-it-and-forget-it email marketing to build loyalty and increase revenue through return visits

Know What’s Working, Fast.

Knowledge is power. DataSciencx’s’s revenue summary and competitive leaderboard give you new insights every day about your business, customers, competitors and more so you can make smarter decisions, faster.

Raising Expectations

Knowing what’s working (or not working) enables the agility to improve the performance of new marketing launches and not just learn what went wrong after the fact. DataSciencx provides the speed and the holistic insights needed for a more complete view of the landscape so you can better uncover opportunities and threats. We collaborate closely, learn about the businesses we invest marketing money into, find new opportunities, and create compelling stories.

Few marketing agencies do technology well and few tech companies get marketing done with applied data science. We confound expectations by being really good at both and being confident enough to invest our own money for your success.


We Work With Amazing Brands


Targeted Marketing Using Real Transactions

Using Mastercard’s and other card-brand data, we overlay
spend propensity with third party cookies to ensure online
advertisements reach the intended audience.

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    Business performance
  • image1
    Predict behavior
  • image2
    Drive strategic
  • image3
    Business performance
  • image4
    Understand customers
  • image5
    Predict behavior
  • image6
    Identify trends
  • image7
    insights into data
Category Targeting

Category Targeting Identify a specific consumer segment (e.g. “Back to School Shoppers”)

Payment Transactions

Payment Transaction Driven consumer segments informed by activity on more than 2.2 billion payment cards and 43 billion US transactions annually.

Geographic Targeting

We can literally see sales transactions on the street you sell on Geographic Targeting Data aggregated at a granular ZIP+4 geographic level.

Identify Opportunities

Identify opportunity Understand where, when, and how customers shop based on actual purchase data from banks.

Reach Real People

Reach real people: Acquire customers, build loyalty and gain share by connecting with the best prospects.

Measure Results

Measure Results Pinpoint the actual, incremental impact of campaigns on both in-store and online sales.


We Partner With Amazing Brands