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Why do brands work with DataScience?

  • It’s simple, It’s free with no risk.
  • We organize your big data and give bigger results.
  • We find and vette superior marketing strategies to deliver results.
  • We actually spend our money to advertise your business.

Finding new customers can take a lot of time and can quickly become very expensive. DataSciencx referrals are a cost-free way to grow your business and get your brand noticed relatively quickly.

Seriously, we invest our money and grow your business. If we do a good job, we are able to increase our company value by proving concept to our investors.

How It Works

Our Process

5 Simple Steps

  • We analyze your card brand interchange and MCC -SIC codes
  • Next, we review how much market-share opportunity exists in your zip code by scanning online and transaction activity powered by: Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Omni-channel Social Media Posts, Google Search, and Direct Influencer Trends.
  • Once we understand how much market share we can potentially win by leveraging our newfound knowledge, we start generating powerful content that can convert your local prospects into real purchasers.
  • With the freshly new content created by our team and approved by your team, we can now deploy the new material on marketing platforms that have a proven history of interest in your local community.
  • At this point, you should experience: Sale increases, more local branding awareness, data organization, and lower client cost per acquisition.

If the 5 step process outlined is effective, your participation allows DataSciencx to prove concept and increase company valuation from a $20 million dollar valuation to a valuation goal of $200 million dollars.


What Is Required To Work Together ?

  • You must accept credit card as a form of payment.
  • You must agree to take both in-store and online orders that we send you (if applicable). You keep all the money.
  • You must allow us to track sales (we integrate into your POS, terminal, and Payment Gateway).

Your Customer Data is Protected

Privacy by Design

As former bankers and marketers, our founders understand the incredibly complex security, privacy and regulatory demands that govern purchase data. Our patented technology was designed to protect highly sensitive first-party data so that no personally identifiable information is shared with DataSciencx. In doing so, we offer powerful solutions to both banks and marketers in a way that meets banks’ stringent privacy standards.

Security is Priority One

We host key aspects of our technology within the Financial Institution partners’ secure firewalls and only access the information needed to inform campaigns and insights. We provide analytics to our marketing partners based on fully de-identified bank data and never receive nor share personally identifiable information. This enables consumers to receive a best-in-class targeted advertising experience without sacrificing privacy.

Through advanced algorithms and machine learning, we normalize that data to make it useful for marketing and analytics. As a result, our data is actionable, enabling us to develop insights that marketers and big brands rely on to make smarter business decisions and more meaningful customer connections.